Thursday, February 28, 2013



That's what we're launching.

Not a pleasure cruise, but a rescue mission.

That's what we're on.

Circles going out from where we are - concentrically.

Begin somewhere - extend everywhere - but just go.

Church isn't a place you go TO; it's a place you go FROM.

Exporting, not importing.

We'll go anywhere to get them.  We aren't selective.  Anybody.


And be blessed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Well, if nothing else on this blog post today - the honest truth about it is:  I made ya look.

I've watched it on TV a little bit now and then at those big tournaments where everybody's wearing sunglasses inside a perfectly well-lit room.  I think I understand the game, though I've never really played it - and there seem to be nuances I don't quite get.  One of my son-in-laws has told me he'd teach me if I wanted to learn.  I'm sure there's an app.

I really don't have much against it -- looks fun.  But I'd never do it where money is involved.  Seems like, without the money, it's just another card game - Rook - Canasta - Euchre - Spades.  Trouble maybe is, people don't seem to know how to play it without using money.  Not sure I understand that.

Anyway - I digress - hugely.

As D. Browning comments - one thing seems apparent, when the poker champions gets a good hand, he bets big.

Maybe I'm way over my pastoral head here, but it appears that the game of poker is a decent analogy for church ministry.  We're all given a hand to play.  We have to make choices about how to play it.  One thing is certain: we must be willing to go all in - 1,000%.

J. Collins said: 'The most effective investment strategy is a highly undiversified portfolio when you are right."

Jesus says: "Play the hand I gave you.  I'll be back later to collect my winnings."

Are you playing your hand?  Am I?

And be blessed.

Monday, February 25, 2013


We have to be good at both theology and living.  Not either-or.  Pastors aren't exempt from this.  We have to do more than just teach folks to live like Christ - we have to teach them to think like Him.

Otherwise, the wolves attack, bite, eat and kill the sheep.

'We need to equip people for real life, not theoretical life.'

But we shouldn't do this with big ol' sermons full of abstract illustrations and eighteen syllable words.  We need to equip people for real life, not theoretical life.  Sometimes the best way to do that is to close our commentaries and go hang out with people so we know what they're going thru.

That way we can walk on a stage on the weekend and give something that comes from deep down in our guts, not from the nicely ironed pages of our notebooks.

And be blessed.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ask, ask, ask.  Seek, seek, seek.  Knock, knock, knock.  They kind of all mean the same thing.  You have to keep asking - keep seeking - keep knocking - just keep coming at God until he does what you ask of Him.

Let me show you a popular version of that concept, courtesy of Cole Sand and Honda:

And if that concept makes you squirm a little, it should - because if you grew up in church, you may not have heard enough requests like that.

Prayers were lazier.  'God help us - God bless us - God keep us safe - God help everything work out - God ... (yawn).'

But when you read the Bible, people came after God.  Abraham did - Jacob did - Moses - Isaiah - David - Paul - they came after God.  'God, You'd better not ignore me ... God, You promised ... God, You'd better listen ... God, You need to keep Your promise.'

'Finally.  Somebody asked huge.'

And people said:  'You can't talk to God that way.'  But do you ever read that God was offended by any of that?  No.  God honored their persistence and boldness because it's as if God said:  'Finally.  Somebody is asking Me to do something worth My effort and ability.  Finally.  Somebody asked huge.  Finally.  They were bold and they didn't give up and they didn't let the fact that I didn't immediately get up the first time they asked dissuade them.  Finally.  They decided they weren't going away until I answered.'

And Jesus says: "God isn't annoyed by any of that.  He is, in fact, honored by it - and very often He answers that kind of prayer.  Because everybody who asks, receives - and the one who seeks, finds - and to Him who knocks, the door is opened.  Maybe not on Tuesday when you ask on Monday, but ...

'I know You're in there ... I know You're in there ... I know You're in there ... '

And to them Jesus says:  'The door will be opened.  Now that I know you're really serious, I'll be serious.  Now that I see you have some passion about something greater than you, I'll listen.'

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.

And be blessed.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


What are you working on that's greater than you?  It's a good question, because if we're not careful, we'll just go week to week consumed by the ordinary and never ask the question: 'What does God want to do with my life beyond 'Who am I dating? ... What's happening on the weekend?'

I know some of you love that kind of question.  You already have nine answers.  Others of you are squirming in your seats trying to block it out of your mind because in terms of huge and grand and stuff that matters, you don't know that you're working on anything that's greater than you.

When you look at your prayers over this past year, it's likely that many of them have been taken up by the rather mundane things of life.

'God, stop the rain for my party ... God, make it rain, it's really dry ... God, help me get a parking spot up close ... God, help me get a date ... '

If we piled a lot of our prayers up, we could probably put a sign over a significant number of them that said: 'Stuff that was going to take care of itself anyway.'

Just be honest about that.  Even if you wouldn't have prayed, a lot of that stuff would have just worked out on its own.

'Let's ask God for some greater things this year.'

Eventually, you'll find your keys.
Sooner or later, she's going to get over the cold.
He'll pass his driver's test - maybe on the fourth try, but still.
She'll get the date.  She might have to do some extra grooming, but it'll happen.

And God says: "Is that what you want?  Another year of coming to Me, the Master of the Universe, asking for these kinds of things?  Isn't there something greater I can do if you'd just ask Me?"

What are you praying for that's greater?  What gets you crazy and emotional and rips open your heart that you need God to do - and if He doesn't come thru, it isn't happening?

Let's ask God for some greater things this year.  What do you say?

And be blessed.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Since I've had so much air play on the topic of Introverts, I thought I'd give it one more blog day.  Enjoy all you intros:

And be blessed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I used to use the words 'stupid' and 'dumb' a lot more than I do today.  The reason I don't use them so much now is that my wife told me I shouldn't.  I shouldn't call people dumb, even privately.  I shouldn't call things dumb or situations dumb or other folks' junk dumb.  "Dumb" is off-limits.

Nevertheless ... you and I have something in common.  We've both done some really dumb stuff - stuff we hope nobody every figures out or finds out about.


You know there's a stupid decision in your past (45 minutes).  Me too.

And often it seems as if people are almost purposefully setting out to mess themselves up.  It takes a whole lot of planning to walk down the aisle with the wrong person.  It takes a whole lot of thought to sign the 150 pages to purchase a home you know you can't afford.

'Often it seems as if people are almost purposefully setting out to mess themselves up.'

There are things that aren't evil that are still dumb.  If you've ever met a teenage boy, you have numerous examples of this.

There are things that aren't wicked, but they're still stupid.  But it's stupid that gets us into trouble and it's dumb that causes us issues and at that point we become familiar with the pain of dumb.

The funny thing is, when we see others making dumb decisions it's so obvious they're wrong.  Anybody could see it.  But when we do it, it seemed so much less dumb.

Proverbs 1:7 says:  'The fear (respect and awe) of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge ... '

It's an understanding of just how powerful the Creator of the universe is and how small we are - and how much more diligently we should pay attention to Him in order to have success.  And unless you get this piece right - this respect and humility for your Creator - the dumb decisions are just going to continue flowing.

And be blessed.

Monday, February 18, 2013


In an earlier posting about being an introvert - which I know was incredibly liberating for many of you like-acting folks - I offer this follow-up from J. Brito and me.  Continue to free yourself.

Myths about introverts:

1 - Intros don't like to talk.
Not true.  At all.  They just don't talk unless they have something to say.  They're not in love with 'small talk.'  Get an intro to talk about something he's interested in and you won't be able to shut him up.

2 - Intros are shy.
Nope.  Shyness and introversion aren't related.  Intros just need a reason to interact.  

3 - Intros are stand-offish and rude.
I've had this said about me.  It's annoying.  Intros don't enjoy beating around the bush with a bunch of social pleasantries.  Get to the point.  (But we need to work on this, too.)

4 - Intros don't like people.
On the contrary, they intensely value the friends they have - they may just be fewer.  They are loyal allies for life.

5 - Intros don't like to be around people.
Nonsense.  They just don't like to be around people as long as others.  Intros take in data relatively quickly.  When it's over, they like to head home and recharge.  Recharging is crucial for intros.

6 - Intros don't know how to have fun.
I rest my case.

7 - Intros can fix themselves and become extros.
Why would they want to do that?  A 1986 study showed the percentage of intros increases with IQ - just sayin.'

8 - Intros hate to be called intros.

OK.  There you have it.  Gotta go.  I have a date alone with myself.

And be blessed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's a historic day for KFA (

Today, the Assembly of God congregation in Burlington, Wisconsin voted to become a multi-site campus with us.  One church; two locations.

We're in the middle of a series called "GREATER" right now -- and this is the first step of many in watching God do some tremendous things in our city and region.

This multi-site campus will have:
A host pastor
Live worship
Life groups
Serving opportunities
The DNA of the Kenosha campus
Main communicators on the big screen in Burlington

Burlington is 25 miles to our northwest in Racine County.  It's a city of 20,000+ people.  Some amazing folks call Burlington home.  We're going to reach the city for Christ together.

Pray and ask God if He'd want you to be a pioneer and head out to Burlington to do life with some great people - invite others to church and faith - serve with enthusiasm - and watch God do some GREATER things.

One church; two locations.

And be blessed.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Our Journey Ministry College ( students returned from New Orleans reaching out with the love of Christ to those attending Mardi Gras.

SUM Mardi Gras Recap 2013 from Dylan Hahn on Vimeo.

I'm very proud of our students.

And be blessed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valentine's Day ... whisked off by surprise in the middle of the day by somebody special ...

... the rest is a secret.

Hope you've had a nice day.

The 'Introvert' returns tomorrow.  Be watching.

And be blessed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When I've told certain people I'm an introvert, they have occasionally been shocked.  I think that's because of the fairly outward and forward personality I project while on stage every weekend.

Truth is, I am one.  An introvert, that is.  I love people, but my battery is charged when I'm alone and it drains when I'm around others.  It always feels nearly wrong to say that out loud, but it's true, and it's OK.

I think introverts are misunderstood and introverted - pastors even more so.  They don't fit the more stereotypical mold of charismatic personality, life-of-the-party, slap-you-on-the-back extroverted pastor and leader.

They can seem distant and aloof - cold, even.  Believe me, nothing grips and grieves me more than when people think that about me.  The inability to be with folks non-stop is a strike against.  The reluctance to be at the center of the arena with the spotlight on you is a perceived negative.

' ... Introverted pastors have to take extra measures ... '

That means introverted pastors have to take extra measures to insure people don't misunderstand them.

I guess I want to say if you're an introverted leader or pastor or person, sometimes you need affirmation.  You need somebody to say your true nature in this area doesn't need to spiritually transformed to be something it isn't - something better.

It would thrill that introverted leader you work with to hear now and then: 'We love the intense side of you and the depth you're able to share with us.  We love that you're a good listener - that you're creative' - or whatever applies.

We know the great value extroverted leaders bring to the table.  Both types are valuable and needed within organizations.  They make ministry and business and life richer and stronger.

Whichever you are, be thankful - and be yourself.

And be blessed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ever had something that gets under your skin - it gets into your nightmares - it won't leave you alone - it persists in haunting you night and day?  You've tried with every fiber of your being to make it vanish, but it won't.

Maybe it was something extremely private to you.  It was something that, if it was shown on the big screen for everyone to see, it would cause you the most grievous humiliation.  You'd never tell anybody ... ever.  It wouldn't be better for you if people knew.

You've asked forgiveness for it a thousand times.  You've done extra religious duty in hopes of paying it off and winning points with a God who already went the distance to die for you.  You've tried to erase your past on your own.

If there's a mistake that makes you count the dots on the ceiling at night, it's time to ask forgiveness ... once ... and be done with it.

Ask forgiveness and then let it go for good.  It's done.  It's over.  God's work is perfect and complete.

Sin gone.

And be blessed.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


What would you be willing to attempt for God if you weren't so afraid?  What could you do for God if you finally came out from behind that distorted mirror you keep hiding behind?  What could you do if you smashed all the devil's thoughts you have about yourself?  What would you be willing to do for God if you knew you couldn't fail?

You need to let God break the thing that holds you back.  The devil has started a sermon for you - why don't you and God finish it?

Too many of us are held captive by fear.  God says, "Let's break that.  That isn't from Me.  Fear not because I have already overcome the world."

Too many of us are paralyzed by the unknown.  God says, "Let's break that.  I know it all.  I hold up the universe with one finger."

Too many of us are held captive by people who say, "We can't.  We can't lead.  We're not the right person."  God says, 'Let's break that.  Because I've already said you can - you can do all things thru Me because I give the strength to do it."

Too many of us are held captive by the plans of critics the devil is using in our lives.  God says, "I have a plan for your life, too.  It's a plan to give you hope - to give you fulfillment and satisfaction - to give you a future."

God sees something in you nobody else sees.

You're not a failure.  You are victorious in Christ.

You're not a bad person or a bad man or a bad woman or a bad student.  You are a child of God, a son and daughter of His.

You're not 'just a waitress or 'just a mechanic.'  You're an ambassador for Christ.  You are chosen for good works.

You're not too old or too young or too unpopular or too stupid or too inexperienced.  Who are you again?

Mighty Warrior.  That's who you are.

And be blessed.

Friday, February 8, 2013


I took a few minutes yesterday to eat in a French Quarter restaurant in New Orleans, waiting for our Journey Ministry College ( students to arrive.  They're coming to join 250 other students from around the country to worship, network, attend some breakout sessions and ultimately go to Mardi Gras and share their faith and hope in Christ with the walking crowd.

I took this video from that restaurant balcony.

And be blessed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I had a little solo time in New Orleans today waiting on our Journey Ministry College ( students to arrive to do some street evangelism here at Mardi Gras.  

So I'm sharing my pre-JMC spare time with you:

Beignets at a NOLA Bakery (don't even think about eating these wearing all black like I did today)

As someone said to me today: Our next KFA multi-site?

Smiling and very happy right after a lunch of blackened redfish in the French Quarter

Stay tuned for a short video blog tomorrow coming at ya from New Orleans.

And be blessed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Everything I'm about to say is completely, 1,000%, absolutely true.  There is not one speck of embellishment in this post, I promise you.

I'm in New Orleans waiting for our Journey Ministry College students as they prepare to do some street evangelism for Mardi Gras this next week.  (Pray for them.)  I've flown down while those poor souls have to drive, so I've beat them here by several hours.  Perks.

We're staying several miles away from all the main action, which is a good thing.

So I get picked up by the van that transports me to the hotel.  When we pull up, the whole front of the hotel is swathed in big-time lights, cameras, huge white drops, etc.  We're told we can't go inside just yet.  We have to wait for a 'cut' in the filming before we can enter the hotel lobby to check-in.

Evidently Robert DeNiro, Kim Basinger and Sylvester Stallone are all inside the lobby filming for a new, upcoming movie - right here at our hotel in New Orleans - right now - this minute - while I'm standing outside.

It's just ME by myself who has been transported in the van to the hotel, so I'm standing outside with the manager and one of the movie crew members who are instructed to hold arriving guests outside until there is a break in the action inside.  So we wait.  Not long.  A few short minutes.

Suddenly we get the word that they've stopped filming momentarily and they practically pick me up by both elbows and whisk me inside (I said 'practically' - remember, there is no embellishment in this piece) - just like a real VIP.

As I look over to my right I see Sly (that's what we call him) and Kimmie (same thing).  In the flesh.  Awesome.  I try not to stare, unsuccessfully.  I don't see 'Bob' anywhere.

I'm escorted to the check-in desk where they start my process of check-in.  A member of the film crew comes over and tells the hotel manager they're ready to roll again - but I haven't finished checking in yet.  The manager says to the crew member: 'You'll have to wait.  This gentleman is going to check in and then you can resume.'

Awkward.  So they check me in in what, honestly, is the fastest check-in I've ever experienced in my life - literally 30 seconds - maybe less.  I turn around in the lobby with my room key and notice the entire film crew, including Sly and Kimmie, are all just looking at me - maybe 40 people --- camera men, lighting people, grips, crew, including the two stars --- were just staring at me, not meanly or with irritation, but waiting for me to finish my business and walk off the set --- 40 people, including Sly & Kimmie (I know I said that already, but I think it bears repeating).

I was holding up their movie.  So I looked and gave a suave 'nod' their direction.  I thought they might ask me to be in the movie -- but -- they didn't.

As I get in the glass elevator and ride up, I look down over the lobby on the scene as it unfolds with Sly and Kimmie doing their thing.  I'll be seeing that movie when it comes out.

This one is going to go down in my personal record books.

And be blessed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You can get out.  Every time you can.  When you're faced with giant temptations that you think are insurmountable, they're not.  There's a door.  It's there.

Your entire life is dependent on the decisions you make in those moments of temptation.  There's a way out.  Every time there is.

'I couldn't help it.'
'It wasn't my fault.'
'My wife/husband made me.'
Blah, blah, blah.

Listen ... every time (and I don't mean to be combative about it) -- but every time ... it's your fault.  Every time it is.

The door out was ajar - it was right there - you just chose differently.

Repentance is believing there was a door - a window - a way out - that wasn't selected.  It was ignored.  Another way was freely chosen.  Repentance confesses a wrong choice was made willingly.

And here's the thing: The devil eventually taps out.  Resist him and he'll flee from you.  Yes, he will.  It might take awhile, but he will.

Life's a battle with a lot of rounds.  And I do hate to break it to you - but even though the enemy ultimately taps out, he'll be back - just like he was with Jesus.  Repeatedly.  It's just Round 442.  He'll keep on warring until Jesus comes.

But the door of escape is always open.  Don't ignore it.  Choose wisely.

And be blessed.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's easy to say, "Sure, I'd die for the Kingdom of Christ," because we know we're probably never going to have to.  But some questions are harder than, 'Would you die for the Gospel?'

How about being willing to be merely inconvenienced for the Gospel?  That's harder than dying.

How about being willing to get up and walk across a room and go through a door God has opened for you to share a witness with someone even though it's uncomfortable?  That's harder than dying.

What about with you money - what about with your time - what about serving with your gifts and talents?  Because those are all harder than dying.

Is the mission of Jesus Christ important enough to sacrifice everything for?

After the death of Stephen in the Bible, believers began to be scattered everywhere.  The Great Commission of Christ began being accomplished, not in spite of the sufferings of the church, but precisely because of them.

'If you don't have to give your last breath for it, would you at least give your whole life for it?'

See ... our enemy isn't all that smart.  His strategy to stop the church actually served to advance the it - and in the days that followed, the Bible says: "Those who were scattered BECAUSE OF the persecution that arose over Stephen traveled as far as Phoenicia and Cyprus and Antioch ... " (Acts 11:19)

Nothing will stop the mission God has us here for.
It's unstoppable.
It's critical.
It's non-negotiable.
If you don't have to give your last breath for it, would you at least give your whole life for it?

And be blessed.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Six hundred fifty men gathered today at KFA ( for the NO REGRETS MEN'S CONFERENCE 2013.  The guest speaker was Kenny Luck.  

Twenty-five area pastors and leaders partnered to teach breakouts throughout the day - worship and singing was awesome - the crew at KFA did a spectacular job - God was glorified - men came to faith.

I found out today something I didn't know -- the very first NO REGRETS was held at our church twenty years ago.  Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI now sponsors 67 No Regrets sites around the country every year on the first Saturday of February.  We're one of those sites now.  Very exciting.

Oh yeah, and the groundhog predicted an early Spring today - so it doesn't get any better than this.

Mark it -- NO REGRETS for February 1st, 2014.

And be blessed.