Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Step, step, step, step.

If every day you could just take a step - a step - a step - a step ----

Love God a little more today -- step.

Think about Him at lunch today -- step.

Read a chapter from His Word today -- step.

Remember to thank Him today -- step.

Pray for a friend today -- step.

By the end of the year, you'd be 365 steps further down the road of Becoming More Like Christ.

What if every year you added a tiny bit more to your steps?

Truth be told, maturity actually looks a little more like this than what I just described:
Day 1 - Step forward - step forward - step forward.
Day 2 - Step back - step forward - step back.
Day 3 - Step forward - step forward - step back - step forward.
Day 4 - Step back - step back.

But the beauty of that is, even with the setbacks, by Day 10 you're still ahead of where you were on Day 1.  There is net growth.  That puts you closer to your goal.

Rejoice in that.

And be blessed.


Susie Milo said...

I love this post -- so true!
Thanks for your consistent posts and the thoughtful and encouraging moments they bring.

Anonymous said...

It's like swimming against the current, if you aren't moving forward your getting pushed back. Oh but what a prize: salvation and eternity with He who gave all for you. I will tell you one thing from the heart, my life has never been better. You are loved and were formed for a purpose. Embrace your God and draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you.