Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Everybody's looking for significance.

The problem with being a significance-seeker is that your status eventually becomes your ultimate goal.   And people will do some shocking things to achieve that.

Some will obsess about their career path.  Am I climbing the corporate ladder fast enough?
Some will be consumed with their relational portfolio.  Am I popular enough?
They'll be consumed by their social media network.  How many followers do I have?  Who's 'liked' my Instagram pics lately?  Who's unfriended me this week?

I know none of you do that, but . . .

Parents can be plagued about whether their children are stacking up against other kids academically, musically, athletically.
Couples can worry about how their marriage compares to other marriages.
Is the car nice enough?  Was the vacation great enough?  Are my clothes good enough?

It never ends.

Who you are and what you are - your true significance - your real value - needs to be grounded in the Gospel.

What does God say about you?  What does He tell you in His Word?  Because the Gospel brings us away from all of that.  The Gospel teaches us to be Truth-seekers.

There's no greater position, friends, than being a follower of Christ.  Nothing else has eternal significance.  Just Jesus.  Everything else is small by comparison.  Everything else is temporary.

And be blessed.

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