Monday, May 28, 2018


Today is Memorial Day.  It isn't just a day to pull out the grill and barbecue with friends.  It isn't just a day to have off work and take a long weekend vacation.

We shouldn't lose sight of what it's really about.  It's about remembering and honoring those who paid an ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free in this great country.

It's Memorial Day all day long, of course, but Congress has also established an exact MINUTE of remembrance.  It's called the National Moment of Remembrance Act, adopted in 2000.  The Act encourages you to pause today at your local time exactly at 3 p.m. to remember the price paid for your liberty.

Major League baseball games going on today will pause at that time.  AMTRAK engineers will blow their horns.

What will you do?

And be blessed.

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