Wednesday, May 2, 2018


You are not alone.

Because God doesn't sleep.  Ever.  He's watching.  You're the watch-ee.  You need to be watched over, you ornery thing you.  God knows that.  He cares.  You're the care-ee.

But be honest.  There have been times you felt God just wasn't showing up.  At times you felt He didn't care.  At times you wondered if He even knew you existed.  At times you became convinced He was absolutely clueless about your situation.  At times you were sure He'd abandoned you and your family.

In those moments there is an urge to run to your safe spot because everything is spinning out of control.

Where is your safe spot?  When you were a kid where was it?
Your bedroom?
Your 'Linus' blanket?
The backyard treehouse?
Everybody has something; everyone has somewhere.

Over time we exchange old hiding places for new ones.  I mean, hiding under a blanket doesn't work anymore, so we create fresh hiding places.

Now it's a glass of liquor.
Now it's a bottle of pills.
Now it's a relationship you know is death for you.
Now it's workaholism.  You're proving your worth to yourself and everyone else.
Now it's the depression you sink into.
Everybody has something; everyone has somewhere.

And let's face it.  Those things do give some temporary relief, but the biggest problem with those hiding places is that they will never deliver the long term peace you so desperately seek.

God wants to walk through your wall of fear today.  He starts by saying, 'Peace be with you.'

Take hold of that.  Peace isn't a thing; peace is a person.

And be blessed.

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