Thursday, April 12, 2018


Growing up we learn to deal with fear the best way we can.

We sit in a corner in the dark.
We get in bed and pull the covers up over our head.
We run to the treehouse in the backyard.
We find a hiding place - somewhere that feels safe.  The monster might come out of the closet, turn green and bare its fangs, but when you got to your hiding place, you could breathe again.

Get to the safe place - get to the safe place - get to the safe place.

Most of our childhood fears have faded now - but they've been replaced by more adult fears.
Public failure.
Losing your job or being unemployed
Never meeting the right life partner.
Being unable to have children.
Fear of being left or left out.
Afraid Jesus might come back before we get to have all our fun.

Jesus visited His disciples just hours after His resurrection.  They were locked in a room trembling in fear for their lives, not afraid because of what happened on Friday when Jesus was crucified, but because of what happened on Sunday when He rose from the dead.

Now there's an empty tomb and the folks who killed Him aren't at all happy about that.  They've assumed His friends have stolen the body, so they'll be coming after them now and they're scared.

So they're huddled in this room with the door locked - and Jesus walks right through it into the room.  He comes into where they're cowering in their safe place.

'Peace be with you.'  And again:  'Peace be with you.'

I don't know what you fear today.  I don't know what is bringing you great worry, but I know you're searching for peace.  And I love that Jesus walks right through their walls of fear.  They have shame.  They've abandoned Him in His greatest hour of need, and in the middle of it all He walks in on them again.

"I know what you need most.  You need My peace.  Here.  Take it.  It's yours."

And be blessed.

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