Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Sometimes people ask me:  'Why do you have us raise our hands at church gatherings?  I'll raise them if I want to.'

Do you know why I do that?  Because the Bible says to do it and because God deserves it.

I realize that activity is a giant leap from where some of our new and current church folks came -- I'm just letting you know God's Book confirms that activity.  It tells us:  'Lift your hands and bless the Lord.'  (Psalm 134)

Honestly, if it said: 'Lift one leg and touch your nose and praise the Lord,' we'd probably do that.  I'm glad it doesn't say that, but . . .

Lifting your hands is a sign of surrender.  'You're in charge, God, not me.'  

Psalm 47 also says to 'clap your hands, all people.'  Not with some little golf tournament clap.  We're talkin', 'Put those bad boys together and give God the kind of praise He fully deserves.'

It also tells us to 'shout to God with a voice of praise and victory.'  Woah there!  Not the introverts.  Yeah, the introverts too.  Because He's worthy of it all.  He's the King of creation and He's looking for our strongest praise.

Lift your hands to God ... clap for Him ... shout to Him.  You think heaven's gonna be soft?  Gimme a break.

Worship Him with your heart and soul and mind and strength.  All of it.

And be blessed.

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