Thursday, April 19, 2018


Sometimes people ask:  'Why do Christians think their way is the best way to believe?  How come Jesus is the answer?  What about every other faith leader?  Aren't their religions just as good?'

Those are valid questions.

It is this
single event, the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, that defines our hope as Christ-followers. It's the thing that sets our faith apart from every other religious point of view -- because our Teacher isn't dead.  Our Leader isn't in the grave.  Jesus is alive and on this our future rests.

If we don't have this truth, then we are just another religion with leaders who head a movement and teach some good things and attract some followers.  But when those other leaders die, they stay dead.

But to get up out of your coffin and smile at the folks gathered for your funeral, that's the ultimate.  To walk out of a tomb, living and breathing, holding out your hands so they can check the nail scars to see if it's really you, that's the ultimate.

Jesus alone can make this claim because He alone conquered death and it's the greatest news we'll ever have to tell.

And be blessed.

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