Monday, February 12, 2018


The pain of fixing a relationship that is splintered is not as acute as the pain of not fixing it.

The last time I had a splinter under my skin that went unattended, it didn't get better.  Instead, it blew my finger up to the size of a watermelon.  I should have just gone in there when it first attacked me and done the dirty work of getting it out right away.  It would have hurt less in the long run.

I know sometimes you can't fix the relationship because the other person just won't play ball - I get that - but where that is two Christ-followers in conflict, that should be very close to zero percent of the time.

Romans says to live peaceably with everybody.

In other words, settle it in your own heart in advance.

No matter what they do, I'm going to forgive.
No matter what they do, I'm going to be redemptive.
No matter what they do, I'm going to believe the best.
No matter what they do, I'm going to show the love of Christ.
No matter what they do ...

It's very interesting that Jesus put the concept of forgiveness in the Lord's Prayer.  There isn't all that much in that prayer, but forgiveness is one of the ideas there.  That's intended to be something of an every day prayer, isn't it?

So think about that.  Forgiveness is supposed to be every day.  We need it often, so we should pray it often.  We're desperate for it often, so we should extend it often.  As Jesus prayed it: 'Forgive me as I forgive others; forgive me to the same degree I'm forgiving other people.'

Someone said:  'Unforgiveness is like setting yourself on fire and hoping the other person dies of smoke inhalation.' 

Work hard to fix and restore relationships in your life that are shattered and broken.

And be blessed.

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