Saturday, January 20, 2018


Are you hungering and thirsting for Jesus?

If you want that, you may have to set aside a business opportunity to get more of Him.  You may have to forego the lunch you were planning in order to spend some time with God or come forward at the end of your weekend service and have hands laid on you for the miracle-in-waiting.

I'm hungry, God.

Do you want your miracle or do you want the Four Cheese Ravioli at Olive Garden?

You have to decide.  Do you want to be late for the televised game or do you want God to move in your life?  Because there will be times when you're inconvenienced in order to get something from God.  It isn't always going to work perfectly in your schedule.

Church is going to be inconvenient.
Faith is going to be inconvenient.
Progress with God is going to be inconvenient.

Are you going to press in to Jesus this year or are you going to say: 'Next year with that . . . another time . . . another month . . . another weekend . . . someday . . . later?'

God is just looking for a little hungering and thirsting from us - a little passion - a little pushing - a little 'Please help me, Jesus' - a little 'I need You, Jesus.'

That's all He wants to hear.

That's all He wants to hear.

And be blessed.

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