Thursday, January 11, 2018


After the sin of Adam and Eve, everything got broken.  The rest of the Bible and history from that point on is a story of Hide & Seek.

But we're the ones hiding, not God.  And as we hide from Him, He seeks us out to repair us and redeem us and restore us.

For the past 40 years of 'seeker-sensitive' churches, we've had our descriptors all wrong.  The people in the seats trying to find God aren't the seekers.  As the whole story of the Bible demonstrates, we're the hiders; God is the seeker.

The Bible isn't at all about: 'God, where are You?'

The Bible is about God calling out:  'All my children ... where are you?'

God isn't hiding from us; we're hiding from God.

Our faces aren't bending toward God with hunger; our backs are turned toward Him in revolt and rebellion.

God hasn't gone AWOL on us.  He's so hungry for us.

And be blessed.

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