Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Did you know the first artificial Christmas tree was made in the 1930s by a company called Addis Brush?  They made toilet scrubbers.  So the first fake trees were really nothing more than gigantic, green toilet plungers.

Joelene has to have a real tree in the house at Christmas.  It might be more of a mental thing than anything else, but we can't make the switch from real to artificial.

I admit artificial trees are more convenient.  They retain perfect shape, no watering, no messy mounds of needles to clean up in January.  Over time, probably cheaper.

But a real tree . . . it's just all-American to me.  It's renewable and recyclable.  For every tree harvested, two or three seedlings are planted in its place.  And they smell amazing.

One legend (there are many) says that the custom of the Christmas tree began in Germany in the early 1600s -- originally called the Christ Tree.

I like that.  Whether yours is real or artificial, when you look at it, remembering that they used to call it the Christ Tree makes a huge difference in how you view Christmas.

Focus on Him this season.

Be invited to one of our Christmas Eve services this December 24th -- at either of our Journey Church campuses -- // Burlington or // Kenosha -- 3p & 5p at each campus -- Christmas carols, candle lighting and more.

And be blessed.

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