Monday, August 10, 2015


There's a guy at my church who always greets me the same way every time he sees me:  "Hello, Preacher,"  he says with a smile.

I have to admit I kind of like that greeting.  I wouldn't want everybody greeting me that way but it seems to work for him - and it brings a smile to this preacher's face, so it's a win-win.

So when I ran across this from Joe McKeever, I had to share bits and pieces of it.  It's 'Things not to say to a Preacher ... '

-- 'I enjoyed your little talk.'

-- 'It was nice visiting your church.  You should hear the preacher at my home church.  He's been to seminary.'

-- 'Someone - I'm not saying who - told me to tell you ... '

-- 'Can I stop by your office Monday morning?  I only need a couple hours of your time.'

-- 'The game starts at 11:30 today, so ... '

-- 'Today's sermon was a big improvement over your last few.'

-- 'Hello, Pastor.  Do you remember my name?'

-- 'Can you give me two minutes in the service this morning to make a special announcement?'

-- 'Don't take this personally, Pastor ... '

-- 'So, what does your wife do at the church -- anything?'

-- 'Here's a CD of the preacher we heard while on vacation.'

-- 'Your hands are so soft.  Have you ever done any real work?'

-- 'I'm not being fed.'

-- 'I called you at home tonight, Pastor, because I didn't want to bother you at the office.'

I want to thank the people of Journey Church // Kenosha & // Burlington for never saying any of these things.


And be blessed.

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