Tuesday, April 28, 2015


'I'm offended.'  

How many times have I heard that down thru the years?  Lots.  When I've found out why they were offended or by whom, I've been shocked.

Frankly, I've been offended that they were offended.

Let's turn that around to be fair.  How many times have I said I was offended by someone or something?  Too many.

I wonder if any of us have ever been offended by what Christ did on the cross for us all.

Of all the places Jesus showed His scandalous love toward us, it was there.  It wasn't a partial or exclusive love -- it was universal -- freely offered -- to anyone -- everyone.

It was outright offensive.

The cross said you and I are sinners.  How dare it?  You're bad.  Worthless.  A wreck.  So radically and fatally hopeless - in such blatant and evil rebellion - that your only possible end game is death.

What?  You aren't offended by that - but you were offended by what she said about you last weekend?

Take it further.

In order for you to be rescued, Someone went thru such an assault as to be derided, brutally beaten beyond recognition, spit on, stripped naked, nails driven into His hands and feet, a spear into His side, thorns on His head pressed down hard, raised up in the air for everybody to see.

And that doesn't offend you?

Keep looking then.  Keep looking until you are deeply offended.

That bloody business is what it took to get you off death row - to set you free.

Be life-alteringly offended by that.  And the next time you feel yourself about to be offended by some ridiculous little thing that happened to you ... remember.

And be blessed.

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