Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I LOVE . . .

I love my church.

-- I love the way our folks press in to God when we gather together to worship passionately on the weekends.  The Holy Spirit is present and moves freely up and down the aisles.  

-- I love the diversity in our church, represented by economic, generational, societal, locational, theological and ethnic differences.

-- I love our mission to 'make it easy to find and experience God.'  Our congregation is bought in.

-- I love our heart to reach people walking toward eternity separated from God and our drive to be compassionate toward our cities and outward-focused toward our culture.

-- I love our passion to be relevant to a generation walking away from God and religion.

-- I love that we can laugh together and have fun, both in services and in smaller gatherings.

-- I love that we have a called and competent team that operates in unity and brotherhood.

-- I love that we are pit bulls about not being led by tradition, polls or popular opinion, but by the voice of the Holy Spirit.

-- I love that we love the next generation and have student and children's ministries and Journey schools that prove it.

-- I love that we are doing life together in authentic community.

-- I love our generosity.  It continually and constantly amazes me at the selfless sacrificial spirit present in the house.

-- I love that we are not content with the 'status quo.'

-- I love that we welcome and serve people without regard to their lifestyles, belief systems or orientations.

-- I love that we aren't perfect.  We're just walking humbly toward Jesus together.

I love my church.

And be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE MY SAVIOR JESUS and my church is pretty cool too, God's grace PK