Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Why follow this God?  How can you possibly not follow Him?

And when your children come around and ask, 'Why, Daddy, why?  Why do you keep trusting when it doesn't look like anyone is in charge of this mess?'  You can tell them, 'God handled the sea - God handled the desert - God handled Jericho, my child.  And He can handle the messes of our lives.'

God will not give up on you.  Don't give up on Him.  Stay in the process.  He'll be in the race with you til the very end.

And be blessed.


Anonymous said...

PK, sometimes I think I see you, in some ways, like my spiritual cheerleader. What I mean is, I never would have stayed in this as long with God if you weren't around. I might have 100% drifted away from God...though I have always believed in Him...but I might have flung myself deep into my sinful ways. I very well may have gone back to my New-Age churches that I used to go to. Then, where would I be? They are 'easier' than a life with Christ. At least, you give me hope and some sense of focus on God. I'm still here...I mess up time after time, but then I come to church, read a blog, hear a song and I know there is a better way.

When I move farther away from God, I just don't want to come to church so much. I feel that I have to walk the walk. I think you have made mention of this before, how people think they need to 'clean up' before they 'show up'. Part of me still buys into that. When I come to church when I am blatantly sinning I feel like a I have no right to be there.

Anyway, I'm still around, I still love church when I do come, I still believe Jesus died to save me. I just don't follow Him the way I should. Thanks for reminding me of that.

PK's BLOG said...

Well, I don't know how to say it enough times. But i'll keep trying. The worship of God isn't based on YOUR goodness, but on GOD'S goodness. It isn't based on what YOU'VE done or not done, but on what CHRIST has done. You don't have a right to be there - neither do I. We are frauds even when we aren't sinning, forgiven and made right only by God's grace.

Of course when you move away from God, you lose the desire to come to church - and when you stop coming to church, you lose the desire for God. It's a vicious and harmful circle. The reverse is also true. Why can't we practice that?

Maybe one of these days you'll believe it.

Anonymous said...

When you say it, it pierces my stupid pre-conceived thoughts. I just as quickly lose it as my week goes on. I do go back-and-forth...I come to church, do more things right, and I feel like I'll probably go to Heaven. Then, the other times, I quit coming to church and FS, and I just lose my path...then I am pretty sure that they have a ticket in hell punched with my name.

That's just my world...people often talk about 'so-called Christians' who act no different than anyone else. When I am behaving badly, I do NOT want to represent Jesus that way. He is so clean and perfect. I don't want to play up my beliefs in Him, because I am not representing Him well, at all.

Oh well. I'm sure you 'get it' from my side. I seem to have a pretty tough 'noggin to convince, though.

Anonymous said...

Do not let the devil drag you back. If you have confessed Jesus, believed He was born of the flesh, died on the cross for your sins, risen from the grave and asked forgiveness in His name and believed it in your heart, your sins are forgiven. If you have not done this then you need to. After that let Jesus BE your strength. If you don't believe in your heart ask God to reveal His Son to you. Don't give up....ever.