Sunday, May 13, 2012


It has to be about my wife today.  This morning I surprised her with 28 flowers - one for every year she's been a mom - each one stuck into a piece of styrofoam and placed around the kitchen island.  I did that because:

She's amazing.
She's smart.
She's a Godly example.
She sees the big picture.
She has vision.
She loves her kids and has been an amazing role model for them.
She challenges me.
She's thrifty.
She's a great chef.
She's a master decorator.
She's a great businesswoman.
She's beautiful.
She's sexy (it's my blog, so deal with it).
She's tender.
She's sensitive.
She has great common sense.
She's wise.
She's been a mom for 28 years and my wife for almost 31.

I love her.

PS -- I'd also like to wish a very special Mother's Day to my own mom in Kansas City, who has been another amazing woman in my life.

And be blessed.

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MOM said...

Thanks SON, You have been the light of my life for going on 53 years, and you are still the "PRIDE AND JOY" of my life if I may use the phrase your grandmother used. Blessed to have a SON dedicated to doing the work of the LORD. Love ya, Kev