Saturday, May 19, 2012


Some of us struggle in prayer because we’re too focused on prayer rather than on God - but our goal is to get to know God, the Father.  God, YOUR Father.  In the Old Testament there was not a concept of God being our personal Father.  It’s only said 14 times in all the Old Testament.  Then Jesus comes along, and on 60 occasions He says: “Father.”  
And that’s what He is to you -- your Father.  
Let’s say there is an abandoned child - she has been abused, neglected and orphaned.  But one day, a gracious, kind man comes to that child, gets down on one knee and looks that child in the eye with a big smile and says, “Today I have chosen to adopt you.  From this day on, you’ll be my child.  You’ll receive my last name and inherit everything I have.  You’re being adopted into a very large family so you’ll have a lot of brothers and sisters who will also love you and can’t wait to meet you.  I love you, too, and there isn’t anything you can do to make me love you more and there isn’t anything you can do to cause me to love you less.  And for the rest of your life, I’ll never abandon you or betray you or hurt you because I’m your Dad.’
Now, if that child has had a hard life, she may begin tentatively: “Is this Father really trustworthy?  Is He safe?  Where’s the catch?”  But as she gets to know him, she begins to realize: ‘My father really does love me.  Even when I act badly, He loves me all the same.  Every time I come to Him, He stops whatever He’s doing and makes me a priority.’  
And over time, that child is drawn more and more by the love of the father.  And it becomes very natural to talk to him.  “Hey, Dad, I really need help.  I blew it again.”  It’s getting to know God as Father.

'Dad loves me and I'm not afraid to ask him for a lot of things even if I don't get everything I ask for.'

Some of you - like me - don’t know anything of that with your earthly father.  He isn’t someone you could say any of that to.  But your Heavenly Father is.  
And I can tell you this as a Dad who has a different relationship with his children than my father had with me:  Children approach their fathers continually without any apprehension if they’re well loved.  You’ve been places with your own children and they go: ‘Dad, can I ride the Ferris wheel?  Can I have some cotton candy?  Can I ride a pony?  Can I have a cowboy hat?  Can I get a hamburger?  Can I go potty?’  And they just ask and ask and ask.
There is no pretense - no fear - no hesitation.  Your four-year-old doesn’t come up and say: ‘Dearest father, I beseech thee for a pony ride.’
No.  They pull on your pant leg and say: ‘Dad, look!  Snow cones!  Snow cones!’
And what they learn is:  My Dad loves me and I’m not afraid to ask him for a lot of things even if I don’t get everything I ask for.  Any time I want, I just walk right up to him and ask and talk and bug him. 
That’s your Heavenly Father.

And be blessed.

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