Monday, January 9, 2012


First four days in Pattaya, Thailand - first chance to blog.

Thanks for praying.

It is the most amazing place to be -- with so much of God needed here.  Thousands of men and women (and small children, unbelievably) walking the streets of Pattaya each night surrounded by bars and drunkenness, bawdy entertainment, decadence and sex.

Our six men (Joe Emery, Chris Karnowski, Steve Dutler, Justin Miller, Tom Bonner, David Border) have been incredible in their heart for the lost and their focus to reach men.  Their prayers each night before and after the evening ministry have been passionate.

God has given us the opportunity to do many things while we've been here - with each night ending on Walking Street, the place made famous for girls selling themselves each evening.  It is there that they endeavor to connect with men and share the love of Christ.  It is hard ministry.

So far, our daytime ministries have been:
- To disabled children's homes to pray for them - give them food - sing to them - love them.  Extremely moving moments.
- To a Thai jail, where two of the guys (Justin Miller & Joe Emery) gave their testimonies and we saw six men come to faith in Christ.  We brought lunch and handed out newly bought underwear to the prisoners.  Great to see the huge smiles on their faces when they saw the underwear.
- To 'THE BRIDGE' (, a new ministry in Pattaya started by Jason & Sarah Ricketts.  Their dream is to care for the young children at night and in the early hours of the morning whose mothers are out 'working' the city each night.  Our team spent the morning and afternoon cleaning, grinding metal, priming, painting, sewing (the ladies, yeah) and a variety of other tasks they need to get done in order to open THE BRIDGE to the public.  Love these guys, the Ricketts.

Our group of ladies (14 of them) have also been serving on their own.  Some of their individual ministries while in Pattaya have been:
- A prayer walk down Walking Street during the daytime.
- Praise & Worship at the Tamar Center.
- To the bars, dividing up, and start relationship building with the bar girls, telling them about Tamar Center.

The two teams together ministered on Sunday at Pattaya Full Gospel Church, where I was so blessed to be able to speak.  Their pastor is so very gracious - a lovely man.  The young female interpreter was an absolute joy and I think she preached my message better than I did.  Pretty sure about that.  The team sang a special song all together that we had worked on and the ladies team ministered an amazingly beautiful song in sign language.  A woman came to faith that morning, completely sold out for Jesus.

The two teams also did a beach party with the slum children on Saturday.  The men were in charge of it and it was great to see our guys organize beach games (Justin Miller) for the kids - play with the - throw beach balls and footballs - and play in the ocean with them.  One of our guys (Chris Karnowski) gave the Gospel presentation to the slum children.  Great, fun day.

The teams have worked very hard so far -- this evening, we're gonna ride some elephants.

Tonight the men leave the ladies' team and drive to Bangkok, where we will finish our ministry here in Thailand.  The ladies will meet up with us there on Friday before we fly home.

O yeah -- I ate a scorpion and a grasshopper too.  Big ones.  Scorpion - unimpressive - like crunching metal.  Grasshopper?  Not bad actually - not for an insect, if you know what I mean.

Again, keep praying.

And be blessed.


Anonymous said...

So many wonderful things you all are doing! I am so awed by the love in your hearts for people across the world. I'm really proud of you and Joelene...and I noticed from your earlier pic, at the airport that Olivia was there, as well. You are wonderful people.

It makes me very sad to imagine those in the sex trade. Making love to someone is such a beautiful thing and to have to degrade that is awful. And so many started when they were too young to know how special it can be.

Hope the elephant ride was fun...and eating bugs is nasty. You really should stop hanging around Dave :)

Anonymous said...

I have kind of missed the blog, so I decided to listen to your sermon, "You're Not the Point." I wasn't there at church to hear it. I really need to get back.

I know it's not all about me...I can understand that. It's just that I felt so much more comfortable and happy there when I felt as if I had a place. I pictured KFA as a puzzle. The only one that has my shape to fit the puzzle is me. I was part of a family...and I was needed. Now, I feel more as if it is ocean....I'm just a drop in the ocean. I'm sure it is really just part of a huge church. It's just the way it has to be. There are many churches out there, so if it is all about God, then any one of them is just fine. I just can't see myself getting involved in another church...I will..and have just faded away.

Oh well, you are doing God's work in your mission, but I wanted to say that while it is fresh in my mind. I hope your trip is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Jesus is so Awesome...
I want to be alive again. Awake again to see what Jesus sees. He has the sweetest heart. God bless all His babies.
"they that wait ion the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They will run and not be weary, walk and not faint." Isaiah

PK's BLOG said...

I don't really think KFA changed that much in the past year - from a family to an ocean. It isn't hard to 'get back.' Just do it, friend. Just do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, PK...I have missed you, buddy!

Yes, I need to get back. The friends I have made at KFA have drifted away and I feel lost. I've always heard to make a friend, you should be a friend. I try, but it doesn't always work out the way I hope.

PK, I am getting immersed in the world. It is far too easy to do. I know we shouldn't put anything above God or have idols, but I have this stupid issue and, as much as I hate to say it, it consumes my life and I just don't want to give it up. It is a sin...and I love it. I cannot see myself living the rest of my life without it. So, I keep allowing the gulf to grow wider between God and KFA and me.

PK's BLOG said...

Great!! When are you going to stop talking about what you should do and just DO IT!!??? Come on!

Anonymous said...

Lol...PK, you are a man of action. I think I need you to kick me in the behind sometimes. Truth be told, I like having a therapist to talk to and I know I drive you nuts, but there you go. I hope you speak next week...I will be there....but until then, I will look forward to your blog again!