Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had the opportunity to join a couple of our staff pastors today in a meeting at Starbucks with Paul Hurckman from Venture Expeditions (www.ventureexpiditions.org).

Venture heightens awareness and makes significant global impact on trafficking, hunger, clean water, AIDS and HIV, and other justice issues by raising funds via cycling, hiking and running across America and the world.

"Godly people do Godly things -- or they aren't Godly."

Love the passion.  Love the mission.  Love the call of God on people's lives to make a difference.  This is fruit that counts - fruit that lasts.  It is a Divine assignment that takes precedence over the unending tasks that live around us every day.  It is being motivated by the very compassion of God, as if the prodding presence of the Father Himself has moved us to act.  Because it has.  Because He has.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a practical Gospel that is as concerned with doing something as it is with being something.  Good works won't get you into heaven, but once you get new life in Christ, He expects you to do what He did --- for the rest of your life.  Godly people do Godly things -- or they aren't Godly.

Thank you, Paul and associates.  Thank you, Venture Expeditions, for your passion for justice and your love for people, and for doing something about it.

And be blessed.

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