Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One of the disturbing aspects of the 'born again' boom is that it has seemed to have so little impact on society. It seems obvious that something is wrong. We call ourselves Christ-followers but the actions to back it up are often absent.

Wayne Jacobsen calls them pseudo-Christians and he describes six varieties ...

Pretend Christians.
They go thru the motions for the benefits of being thought a Christian. It pleases a spouse - it helps them make business contacts - it gives their children a good heritage - etc.

Cultural Christians.
They inherit faith from previous generations.

Fire Insurance Christians.
Thoughts of 'hell' drive them to say a prayer, but they are always trying to eek out just enough salvation to get by. Their favorite question is: 'Do I HAVE to in order to stay saved?'

Creedal Christians.
These master on theology, but they forget that great theology isn't nearly enough. It's how much of it we allow to shape our lives that counts.

Good-hearted Christians.
They seem so loving and kind, but they do themselves a disservice by finding false security in their own goodness rather than in surrendering to Christ.

Ethical Christians.
These types are usually happy only when demanding of others the same ethic that makes their own life so miserable.

We may think there are many varieties of Christians when the Bible really only recognizes one - disciples. Their hearts burn for Jesus. They have unquenchable hunger for God. They aren't perfect, yet keep pressing ahead and their lives are marked by confident faith.

Is it you?

And be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I read all of the descriptions, but I don't see myself in them. I don't even know how to define myself. I get shivers when I pray to Him and it is amazing. I willingly commit sins and feel guilty, yet I don't stop.

I am a Christ-follower...really, I am. I read Christian books all of the time, I watch Christian tv many times. I read Daily Bible on-line every day and devotionals. No one knows these things...till now. I need these things. It's all for me, not for the public.

I just wish I were more consistent. I have a few pictures of Jesus. He is so beautiful and kind. When I do turn to Him, He is there. I get shivers and filled with IS Him.

I wish I could take a month off from the world and just immerse myself in a nunnery or something like that.... Just to go deeper and deeper, till I lose myself in His prescense. I would never be the same person...

Bill Tait said...

I Corinthians 2 verses 4-5

The Church today needs a demonstration of the Spirit and the Power of God. This would place a healthy dose of the Fear of God in believers hearts. These "natural man things" would quickly be moved into a far distant second place in the believers lives.

Vicki said...

I believe there are 2 problems with us human beings. One-we don't really know who God is, because of tradition and experience. For one reason or another, we keep ourselves distracted with other stuff and donot chose to get to know Him, and we do not examine our own hearts. Not to see if we are righteous, of ourselves we are not, but why we act and react the way we do.
And we have believed the devil's lie that our salvation and walk is by grace and not self righteousness. He took our shame, guilt, sin, sickness, condemnation, fear and he defeated the devil at the cross.
Jesus is our Saviour, our brother and God our Father. We are freely redeemed when we accept His free gift of forgiveness in place of our being guilty. There's so much more----

Anonymous said...

Pk...Bill brought up having a fear of God. When I think of fear, I think respect and awe for how HE is. If I am terrified that He will come down with an iron fist, then feeling loving and drawn to Him, for who He is, seems less likely.

All, that said, if we are to feel a fear of Jesus, then it deserves a sermon or two. Do you ever see yourselves addressing this part of the gospel? Maybe we need it, to remind us of all of the dimensions of God.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I am curious about the meaning of something in the Bible. I read Daily Bible every day and they cover the Old Testament right now. When God punishes the people who are not following Him, is that just to set an example for those to come?

Jesus seems so loving and I don't remember a time when He punished people. If I am mistaken, please let me know, PK. I know He rebuked the Pharisees, but condemning them to Hell is more serious.

Is God more merciful, since Jesus came to forgive us of our sins? Or is God more of a disciplinarian for us when we disappoint Him? I am confused.

Anonymous said...

PK, did Jesus ever condemn anyone to Hell? If He did, then I don't know about it. I associate Him with great love. Is punishment more of a God type of thing?

I have pictures of Jesus that I pray to and He looks so beautiful and approachable.

Maybe...probably, I need to have more fear of God. It's just hard to truly love someone you afraid of.

PK's BLOG said...

We probably shouldn't put our confidence in 'pictures' of Jesus where He looks a certain way. Those aren't based on any facts. Just look at the Bible - that's a better source of truth than someone's idea of what Jesus looked like.

Jesus isn't more loving than God, and God isn't more of a judge than Jesus. They are both 'both.' It was because of God's very love that He sent His Son to us to save and forgive and redeem us. That was God's love that made that happen. On the other hand, in the end, it will not be GOD who judges us, it will be Jesus. HE will stand in as our judge and jury and mete out what we deserve. That will be a great day for some and a terrible day for many. This is found in John 5:22, 23, among other places.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, PK. I just need a picture...wish it was a person to talk to. I understand that it is a human rendering of Jesus, but I do find it comforting. I am sure no one else understands, but I find it harder to pray to the Holy Spirit. Even when I pray in nature, I feel Jesus' love in the rays of sunshine. I need something tangible. I don't exactly know why I am not like other people, but this is what moves me.

Oh well, the more I try to explain it, the more futile it seems.