Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Over the next few days, I'll be posting some thoughts regarding the concept of church planting and multi-sites. It's on my heart (constantly) and so -- coming for the rest of this week are some comments and ideas on that vision:

* Most multi-site / church plants have leaders that come from in-house small groups. There is someone identified from that group as a natural leader.

* The best time for beginning a new venture is late September/October or pre-Easter. These times create the best/most momentum.

* One of the biggest questions to ask yourself before launching a new service or multi-site is: 'Is there evidence of Divine activity in this decision?'

* To identify a new location, ask yourself: 'Where is there a collection of your present members in your surrounding region? Where are people already driving a good distance from in order to reach your present campus?' That can be a starting nucleus for your new location.

* The Kingdom of God has historically expanded most rapidly via the planting of new churches.

* We cannot afford to bypass the current opportunities for harvest because of financial constraints.

* Is God calling us to be a church WITH multiple campuses -- or -- a church OF multiple campuses?

* As you begin to grow past 2 or 3 campuses, there should be someone waking and sleeping on that subject -- someone specific designated to drive that vision for your church.

* Have a season of fasting and prayer for this kind of vision with your leadership team and congregation.

And be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I have followed you and your blog for ages. Is this something that God has put on your heart...or an ambition you have, because you are an overachiever? It is not a slam, I am a background person, to be sure. I just wonder....that's all.

Personally, I always wished KFA had more programs to reach out....besides First Step. I understand it is not enough to save souls, but I believe it is Jesus in skin. I am curious...not judgemental...what is the most important thing and why?

PS..I think you are amazing for the topics you bring up. This is not a slam...this is sincere questions.

PK's BLOG said...

This is not a PK thing at all. God has put it in my heart and I believe it is the future for KFA. I would love to have your prayers regarding church planting and multi-site direction for our church.

Anonymous said...

PK....I will always pray for you, in every endeavor. You are the most amazing pastor I have ever known. Yes, I will pray for multi-sites. For my own personal hopes, it will be one in a low-income location, as well. I have a huge soft spot for the homeless. That's just me...