Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Bible calls David 'a man after God's own heart.' That's what I'd like to be.

But the heart is ... without question, the most powerful part of your body. It has flowing in and out of it veins, arteries, ventricles, capillaries - sending and receiving to all parts of the body - yet you never see it. More powerful in many ways even than your brain. If your heart stops, you stop. If you have heart problems, you don’t even always know it until it manifests itself in other parts of your body.

In Scripture, there is a parallel concept. Your spiritual heart - that part of you that accepts or rejects Christ - the part He’s wanting control of --- directs much of what you do here on planet Earth. When someone has a wounded or unclean heart, it shows up in different areas of their life -- areas that aren’t necessarily associated with the heart. It will show up in what we say ... in the way we speak ... in the things we talk about ... by our tone. That doesn’t simply mean we have a speech problem; it’s bigger than that. The Bible is clear. There is a heart problem.

The Bible says a bad heart will manifest itself in what we do ... that doesn't mean we simply have a behavioral problem; it’s bigger than that. There is a heart problem.

We’ve all said things we wish we wouldn't have; done things we wish we wouldn't have --- so we try to combat those things by being more careful in the future about what we say; by being more thoughtful in the future about what we do. We work harder on our speech and actions and we end up treating the symptoms our whole lives rather than the causes --- but God says, "That's not the answer. It's not a matter of what you say or do ... it's a heart problem."

Whatever is in your heart, will come out. Everything is connected to the heart and until we deal with that, nothing will change.

Here's the good news. There is a solution to our heart dilemma (and this is why I stand on a platform every weekend and speak to people - because of this truth) ... Jesus is in the business of changing our hearts. And the change He creates is long-lasting because the change He brings is from the inside out. It doesn’t just impact our behavior and our words, it transforms our hearts.

That’s why David's son, Solomon, said: “Above all else guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

And be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but ask this...does being a Christian in the church, make us less of a Democracy? Is it more polite to go with the system? Or is it acceptable to talk openly about our differences?

I strongly believe that one can be too the point of lying. No one has to be cruel about it, but healthy debate is good. Better solutions come about by talking things over in a thoughtful manner.

I have notices that most Christians shy away from politics. I refuse to do that. That is what shapes our policies and laws. It is extremely important. Do I have a heart problem? Maybe tomorrow's sermon will spell that out, but I am still an American...and I am blessed to be able to speak my mind. In many countries, I would be killed for it. I think I have a kind heart, but I may find that our thoughts differ in this topic. we shall see...

PK's BLOG said...

Hopefully we can talk openly about our differences. Frankly - evidently this isn't your experience -- but I don't find people in the church to hold back all that much about their various opinions. I think we need more 'nice' in the church, not less. We seem to be heavy on TRUTH, and short on LOVE, from my experience.

I know some believers who shy away from political conversations, but again -- really --- they're in the minority in the circles I travel in.

Anonymous said...

No, I do talk openly....90% of it is extremely positive. I love ya and I tell you those types of things very often. It's just once in a while I have a different thought and sometimes, I feel like I am not a "nice" person because of it. But I AM a nice person. I just have a thinking mind and I feel secure enough to speak it.

I sometimes read your blog or FB and everyone is very polite all of the time. I guess that is due to your position. Maybe in private situations, they say what they mean and mean what they say.

I am a very strange person...I like to know where I stand and to tell people where I am coming from. Lots of people prefer the nice route. It's just my preference.

Maybe we do need more nice in the church, but if you came to where I would be grateful for the church you are in. We tease and talk for real about all kinds of things. It is interesting. IDEAS are interesting. You read a lot about many things. I am sure you agree. Do you find all them nice? Or do find them thought-provoking and challenging?

I just see nothing wrong with disagreeing with those in a reasonable way. Just try not to take it personally. It's not intended that way.

PK's BLOG said...

I don't think Facebook and public forums are places for people to be big-time controversial or unkind. Way too much is misunderstood when people just put things in print and leave it at that, in my opinion. That said, people have spoken their minds on both my blog and FB, even bordering on something other than 'nice' on several occasions. They disagree with me all the time - that isn't new or news to me at all.

I guess i prefer the BELIEVER route - not the nice or the un-nice route. I would think people who prefer the 'less-nice-route' are people who end up with less friends.

I AM grateful for the church I am in and I'm quite THANKFUL it isn't like where you work. It's not supposed to be like that. It's supposed to be different, so I guess we're doing the right thing if it isn't like where you work. Glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your idea about being publically controversial, but I believe that is most true for those who turn tail and run. When folks stick it out and share thoughts and ideas, it can be amazing. Lol....maybe I watch Fox News too much...JK! I am DRAWN to it because they tell it staight up.

PS...I have plenty of friends. I am the sort who needs a couple of deep friends and the rest are casual. I like it that way. Far too often, I prefer my own company. It just so happens that you seem to be an exception for me.

PSS...YOU are more controversial than P. Dan. :) Play nice now... lol